How a Strategic and Disciplined Approach Each Day Can Add 6 Figures to Your Annual Revenues

After working with 100s of organizations and business owners to identify and implement their business goals and vision, and then develop and implement a set of activities that ensure the goals are met in an effective and efficient manner.


 We have developed a program that can help any business owner achieve the focus they need to improve and predict the performance of their business, and therefore increase their revenues many times over. This is something that is achievable in 2022. We are here to help you through the DEDAS Program

Everything You Get In the DEDAS Program

The Proven Launch, Operate, Systematize, and Scale Program for Consultants and Business Owners.  Developed by Real Business Consultants Business Owners

⦁ 30-Day Fast Track Step-by-Step Implementation Guide
⦁ 25 Straight to the Point Video Trainings
⦁ Proven Templates and Scripts to Start Using Right Away
⦁ Track Your Progress, Follow Time-Tested Strategies to Get Results
⦁ Learn to Effectively Launch and Scale Your Business using effective tools and systems
⦁ Learn the best way to Get Clients & Customers this day
⦁ Legal Documents to help you get started
⦁ Results Based Guarantee to Ensure You’re Successful

Would you like to know what separates a successful business with a waiting list of Clients & Customers who are drawn to him or her almost magnetically …and a struggling business and a business owner that lives hand to mouth, month to month?

What separates a Business Owner who controls their schedule, makes a great impact doing what they are good at, and earns enough money to take time off and enjoy it with their family, traveling, golfing, skiing, or just lying on the beach…and one who has to work 70-80 hours per week just to pay the mortgage?


What separates a Business Owner who happily turns away potential Clients & Customers because they’re not the PERFECT fit…and a Business Owner who HAS to take every client they can get, regardless of how time-consuming and hair-pullingly irritating they will be because “beggars can’t be choosers”?

Well the thing that separates them is pretty simple – A SYSTEM

What are most business owners doing wrong?

What’s the difference between your typical business owner scraping by on the skin of his teeth…and a successful business owner who has a pipeline full of prospects and a roster of high-paying Clients & Customers?


Here’s the difference…

DEDAS business owners have proven systems which clearly identifies his ideal client – companies who are eager to buy their products. These are customers who are easy to work for, happy to work with him, and grateful for the results he achieves for them

DEDAS Business owners have a method for positioning their products and services so precisely that virtually no competitor can make the specific promises he can. He is the BEST choice. He’s not a “commodity”

DEDAS Business owners have systems that ensure he gets paid handsomely (which is essential for Clients & Customers to respect you)…yet doesn’t scare off potential buyers with “sticker shock”

DEDAS Business owners have social media presence that’s more than an online resume. A presence that starts conversations with his ideal Clients & Customers and leads to paying engagements. Most are mystified as to why and how it gets him so many Clients & Customers so fast and so easily.

DEDAS Business owners have a proven template for generating proposals that gets Clients & Customers to respond in hours or days…not weeks or months. DEDAS Business owners have eliminated the frustrating “don’t call us, we’ll call you” syndrome.

DEDAS Business owners have a proven and simple Magnetic Messaging system that draws perfect Clients & Customers into his orbit.

DEDAS Business owners have a system in place that keeps his pipeline full. He has a waiting list. Rather than worrying about where his next client comes from, he often turns away prospects because they are not PERFECT for him!

If you were reading closely, you’ll now understand the difference between a struggling business owner and DEDAS Business owners….the story that could be yours.

A system.... DEDAS System

In fact, the DEDAS System is guaranteed to make DEDAS Business owners’ story your story in as little as 3 Months.

The DEDAS Program - “Get Results in 3 Months or We will Personally work with you” Guarantee

If you work with (or plan to transition into working with) companies, associations or non-profit Clients & Customers solving valuable problems… And if you take consistent action and follow our recommendations, within 3 Months of enrolling in DEDAS…


⦁ You’ll have at least 3-4 new highly-qualified leads in your pipeline

⦁ You’ll know exactly who your ideal client is…and isn’t

⦁ You’ll feel 100% confident about how to target and attract your ideal client

⦁ You will have a marketing message that will get the attention and interest of your ideal client so they respond to your messages and want to speak with you about how you can help them.

⦁ You will know how to build a repeatable, efficient marketing machine that delivers ideal Clients & Customers consistently

⦁ You’ll know how to package, position and price your services to increase your revenue by 40% to 300%

⦁ You’ll know what systems you need to leverage for operational efficiencies

⦁ You’ll know what legal documents are critical to protecting your business and your hard work

⦁ You know how to create strategic and action plans to convert into real results

⦁ You’ll know how to tract the right metrics and create dashboards to give you real insights into your business


…in 3 months or less or we’ll personally work with you until you do…



Think of it this way… you probably have developed systems, procedures and methods for solving your Clients & Customers’ problems, right? Don’t you hate it when THEY get distracted or side-tracked and fail to follow YOUR recommendations?


The same applies here. This system is guaranteed to work…if you work it and stay focused. OK, that covers the promise I need you to make.


Your Step-by-Step System for Rewriting Your Business Journey and Finally Building the Business You’ve Dreamed About

In DEDAS, you’ll get…

⦁ A systematic way to earn your prospective client’s trust early in the process…reducing their risk and making them more comfortable saying “yes” and writing you a check

⦁ A process for shortening your sales cycle from months (or even years?) to weeks or even days.

⦁ My step-by-step method for positioning your expertise so ideal Clients & Customers are drawn to you…they even seek you out

⦁ A fill-in-the-blank formula for creating your own Magnetic marketing messages

⦁ A simple but powerful method for getting Clients & Customers to contact you and ask, “How do you do that???” It’s all about promising specific results. But most Business Owners don’t or won’t do this…and their proposals land in the “I’ll get back to you” file.
⦁ How to get you marketing message in front of your perfect Clients & Customers…how to be where they are and get their attention
⦁ My 4-step no-charisma-required method for finding, engaging with and closing high-paying Clients & Customers
⦁ A foolproof method for increasing your confidence and giving yourself more energy and zest for your work
⦁ A script you can follow to book interviews with prospects that lead to paying engagements
⦁ How to get your prospective Clients & Customers to tell you everything you need to know to close them
⦁ A simple exercise to insure a prospect will never think “So what?” about your services and expertise again
⦁ A proven checklist, swipe file and template for developing a social media presence that makes them think, “It’s like they are talking directly to me!” (That will only take you hours to construct…not weeks or months)
⦁ How to turn your social media into a lead generating asset, not just a “digital brochure”
⦁ My method for lowering a buyer’s perceived risk so they’re ready to do business with you today
⦁ A proven process for getting the first “yes” from a buyer fast…this can also help you disqualify bad Clients & Customers before you commit to hundreds of hours of work!
⦁ A 3-step system for getting paid more…without raising your fees
⦁ The “get-back-to-you-fast” proposal templates my Clients & Customers have used…thousands of times…all over the world…to land new business fast
⦁ How to get off the “referral wagon” and finally fill your pipeline with highly-qualified leads.
⦁ How NOT to do networking…why most Business Owners miss loads of potential Clients & Customers by doing it the wrong way
⦁ How to instantly find and target hundreds of your “perfect prospects” on social media…without paying an ad agency thousands of dollars
⦁ How to do all this without ever feeling spammy or salesy.
⦁ The script that professional Business Owners have used hundreds of times to get more referrals
⦁ How to stop selling from your heels…start selling from you core…and close more deals
⦁ An old-school…and almost completely forgotten…marketing method that can help you pull more revenue from your best Clients & Customers
⦁ My 12-point process for following up with prospects that could very well transform your business…it’s done exactly that for many of my Clients & Customers
⦁ A line-for-line script that will insure you never waste time talking with the wrong client again…this could very well save your career
⦁ How to make sure you never make the most common “rookie mistakes” ever again…much of success is what you DO NOT DO and what you DO NOT SAY
⦁ My 1-hour-a-day method to keep your marketing machine humming, delivering you consistent, high-quality prospects every day
⦁ My proven process for paving the way to your “first conversation” with a prospect…getting your foot in the door is half the battle won
⦁ A step-by-step process for becoming a leader in your industry…the most powerful position a Business Owner can achieve

Your Step-by-Step System for Rewriting Your Business Journey and Finally Building the Business You’ve Dreamed About

Do you want theory and hunches and shiny objects? Or do you want a proven “by-Business Owners-for-Business Owners” SYSTEM for adding 6 figures to your income?

This is no college class in theory or philosophy. Nor is it a collection of random ideas from someone ‘teaching’ how to consult who has never actually consulted before. You’ll learn proven strategies, approaches, techniques and timeless principles that have been tested. Tested by me and my Business Owner Clients & Customers…at the front lines with hundreds of organizations around the world. And produced results. If the testimonials above don’t convince you that it will get you results, then my Guarantee should. Try it for 3 Months and if you don’t feel you’ve gotten everything I promised in the guarantee, I’ll refund every penny.

Why Should You Believe Me?


These days advice is everywhere. You can Google any subject and get all the advice you could ever consume on any topic. Free and fast. And most of it is worthless. You can waste a lot of time consuming and implementing the WRONG advice.

So, to survive in today’s business world, you must make sure you’re getting the RIGHT advice… not wasting your time on “almost-right” or “dead-wrong” advice. What do I mean by wasting your time on “almost right” advice? 

But if you want to become a successful Business Owner, most of that advice will HURT YOU NOT HELP YOU.


Time to start having fun with your business


If you keep doing business form your gut, you are going to get swept away by the forces of disruption and innovation.

  • If you cling to old, inefficient ways of finding new Clients & Customers…you’ll get swept away. 
  • If you continue to work with less-than-ideal Clients & Customers…you’ll get swept away.
  • If you continue to use old methods of proposing to and closing new Clients & Customers…you’ll get swept away. 
  • If you do not install efficient, repeatable, consistent marketing systems…you’ll get swept away.


So, it’s more important than ever to have SYSTEMS in place to attract IDEAL Clients & Customers who will pay you what you deserve.

How can you and your business stand out? You must be seen as a leader. You must convince prospects that you alone can deliver the results they want.

Fail to do that and all you’ll get is, “Thanks, we’ll get back to you.” And weeks of silence like Martin. Don’t be like Martin.

We are not meant to live in fear or lack. time to start building generational businesses

What’s the cost of NOT achieving your goals? Don't keep spinning your wheels. What if, next year, two years from now, or five years from now, your income has not increased? Or worse, due to increased competition and pricing pressures, your income has DECREASED?

⦁ …


Without a proven plan for achieving your goals, chances are you will be in the same… or worse… spot next year… two years from now… five years from now. Why not start to putting proven systems, processes and methods in place TODAY… and add 5, 6 or even 7-figures of revenue to your practice?

Plus, if you purchase today you’ll also get these bonuses worth over $1800



How to Productize Your Services
(Sold previously for $700)

⦁ What is a productized offer?
⦁ Why have a productized offer?
⦁ Examples of good productized offers
⦁ The BIG Secret to Successful Offers
⦁ Best structure for Business Owners to use
⦁ Developing your productized offer concept
⦁ Validating your offer concept
⦁ Create your productized offer detailed outline
⦁ Pricing strategy for your offer
⦁ How to sell your offer
⦁ Promoting your offer



How to Boost Your Productivity
(Sold previously for $400)

⦁ How to do more “$10,000 per hour” work
⦁ How to maximize your productivity and create greater value
⦁ How to spend more time in the “energetic zone” and less on tasks that drag you down and wear you out
⦁ How to implement the right structure to scale your business quickly…without getting overwhelmed and stressed out
⦁ How you can spend the most time creating the greatest value for you and your Clients & Customers
⦁ How insure you’re building a business that delivers what you really want…a lifestyle of freedom and joy
⦁ The 3 core activities that generate most of your income…and how to insure you spend most of your time on them
⦁ The activities most Business Owners waste too much time on. If you want to get traction and stop “spinning your wheels” you must get clarity on these
⦁ Why you must be clear about the business you are in…hint: it’s not !
⦁ How to stay in the “Circle of Growth” where you’ll be most successful scaling your business
⦁ How to earn yourself a free “6-week vacation” with one simple mindset shift
⦁ How to decide when to delegate, hire out, or outsource tasks you currently do yourself
⦁ “Can I afford to hire an employee to do this for me?” You might be surprised at the answer
⦁ One productivity move that every Business Owner should make. If you haven’t done this yet, do it now
⦁ The “do nothing” secret of the most productive and successful Business Owners
⦁ Do you really have a business? This simple exercise will tell you the hard truth…and what to do about it



How to Successfully Navigate Going from
Employee to Business Owner 

(a $100 Value)

⦁ My best tips for minimizing the confusion, downtime, challenges, and roadblocks that will confront you when try to transition
⦁ Pros and often-overlooked cons of keeping your job as you do “on the side”
⦁ Why your first great big is probably right under your nose
⦁ Why you don’t need a perfect website or perfect marketing message or perfect anything to get started as Business Owner
⦁ The resources you MUST tap right away to insure a successful transition.



What to Do to Get Your First Client 

(a $100 Value)

⦁ How to get crystal clear clarity about who your first client should be
⦁ How to make sure you’re going where the money is
⦁ The “starving crowd” method for qualifying ideal Clients & Customers
⦁ How to make sure you never waste time with Clients & Customers who will not or cannot buy from you
⦁ 5-step method for getting quick and valuable feedback on how to position your offer…and land your first appointments
⦁ How to prospect for your first Clients & Customers without making cold calls or being sales-y
⦁ 8 questions you should ask in your first interview with a prospect to get their attention, their interest and their business
⦁ How to network successfully when you’re just starting out



How to Diversify So You Don’t Rely on 
Just One Client 

(a $100 Value)

⦁ How to avoid the “all your eggs in one basket” dilemma that many Business Owners get trapped in
⦁ The crucial difference between the “contractor” mindset and the “business owner” mindset
⦁ Pros and cons of the agency middle-man model and how cutting it out might increase your income dramatically
⦁ A long-term strategy you can start using today to diversify your “client portfolio”



Coupons you can redeem anytime in the next twelve months

 (a $450 value) 

⦁ Have your proposal reviewed
⦁ Have your productized service plan reviewed
⦁ Have your website reviewed
⦁ Have your LinkedIn profile reviewed

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