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Main Street Launch

San Francisco, CA

  • Contracted by Main Street Launch to use our industry expertise to advise and implement Evaluation Plan and Methodology for Main Street Launch.
  • Deliverables for this project included:
    • Project Plan – The Project Plan consist of the activities and associated milestone timelines for conducting and completing the project. It is intended to provide a guideline and set expectations for all stakeholders involved in the project.
      • Program Launch
      • Identification of SMART goals and objectives
      • Identification of Evaluation Methods
      • Determine evaluation questions, outcomes and indicators
      • Determine Roles and Responsibilities
      • Development of Communication Plans
      • Project Wrap Up
    • Metrics & KPI Recommendations – The process of establishing metrics and KPI is conducted once the program goals and activities are understood. Metrics and indicators provide the ability for measure outcome targets in order to determine how to assess, compare, and modify program activities.
      • Findings on objectives, audience, evaluation administrators, stakeholder feedback
      • Status report identifying the methods and metrics to be used to evaluate the program
      • Proposed Plan for data collection, analysis, and reporting
    • Evaluation Process & Methodology – The Evaluation Plan considers the entire program, the established metrics and KPIs, the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and it provides a documented process for undertaking annual program evaluation.
      • Develop a high-level template for the Evaluation Plan
      • Develop a framework to start to capture the process and methodology for consistently undertaking the evaluation of the program, along with key stakeholders, roles and responsibilities, and other critical factors to incorporate
      • Report outlining the methods to be used to evaluate the program
      • Roadmap identifying the players to be involved in the evaluation process and intended objectives and outcomes
    • Communications Plan – The Communication Plan provides program administrators with process by which they can communicate program milestones and outcomes to the stakeholders.
      • Develop a comprehensive communications plan to provide the right level of information to at the appropriate time.
      • Communication Plan will capture the communications channels and type of content for all impacted stakeholders
      • Documented activities, takeaways, products to be developed, and actionable next steps to be explored
    • Final Deliverable (Evaluation Plan & Logic Model) – Final Deliverables will consist of an evaluation plan, an action plan that outlines the steps to be conducted towards the role out of evaluation. In addition, and if warranted, the deliverables will consist of suggested improvements by cohorts of the program.
      • Evaluation Plan, incorporating the Logic to influence the trajectory of the evaluation
      • Roadmap/Action Plan which outlines the process, administrators, and the stakeholders of a continuing evaluation program
      • Word document providing list of improvement initiatives from the first few cohorts