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MBA Growth Partners supports with Capacity Building for nonprofits of all sizes. We know how tough it can be for nonprofits to find ways to cut through the noise. Many nonprofits are struggling to overcome funding challenges, reach donors, and serve their beneficiaries in the first place. Our nonprofit experts work closely with you to produce a clear, concise, and compelling vision for how you’re helping people with your organization.



  • Professionally produced videos that tell your compelling story of impact
  • Strategic Plan to help you develop your media tactics and strategy
  • Operational processes to ensure systems are put in place to leverage your limited resources
  • Identification of partnerships to leverage to support the sustainability and growth of your mission

Arts for the Aging (AFTA)

Rockville, MD

  • Contracted by Arts for the Aging to use our industry expertise to advise and implement Process Mapping and Documentation for your organization. We are captured and institutionalized the role, responsibilities, activities, and processes of the organization.
  • Deliverables for this project included:
    • Detailed documentation of the tasks and processes for which the Client’s Program
      Director is responsible. This documentation included:


      • Documentation of the points of intersection between people and systems.
      • Documentation of the category of data to be captured as part of the process.
      • Documentation of all actors, their roles, and any service level agreement
        involved in the process.
    • Detailed analysis and reporting of the end-to-end process and recommend areas of
      opportunity for improvement. This entailed:


      • The capture and reporting of process gaps.
      • Identification of opportunities to gain efficiencies through modification of steps or resources involved in the processes.