Life is not
just a path

Emphasis of life is to bring betterment and improvement with the fast track time flow of the world. our most of the best effort is to make your time worth of the adventure and deliver you the real pleasure of life experiences.

KC Jewelry

KC Jewelry is well poised to improve its operations and market standing by developing a strategic approach to enter new markets by standardizing its business operations/hours, exploring developing a well-rounded suite of product offerings, and exploring strategic partnerships for sustainable growth.

  • Procure machines for jewelry designs and repairs
  • Stock up inventory for retail offering
  • Expand into jewelry design
  • Explore strategic partnerships for growth (other jewelry stores, churches, special events, etc)
  • Establish social media presence
  • Advertise to drive more traffic to the store
  • Spruce up the store for improved client experience
  • Develop a plan to double revenue
  • Plan for strategic investment into the business

 Specific support included

  • Developing a marketing strategy for the upcoming nameplates push…in time for upcoming holidays
  • Identifying partnerships with other Triangle businesses for cross-marketing/promotional opportunities
  • Assisting with promotional materials for products
  • Exploring advertising channels to push products and increase foot traffic
  • Assisted with the development of a website and social media presence (Google business, Facebook, Yelp, Instagram)
  • Developed a financial plan to double revenues