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With MBA Growth Partners, the client’s future is our promise. We have exciting upcoming events and webinars to make sure you are fully sourced and equipped with the most effective plan.

Growth Theory:

We are excited to bring your way to another special edition of Growth Theory on July 28th at noon with industry leaders in the startup sector. They discussed Spirituality and how it can improve your business model.

The panelist is:

The link to join is here. Thank you.

Growth Theory:

We were excited to bring your way to another special edition of Growth Theory on May 26th at noon with industry leaders in the nonprofit sector. They discussed the Essentials and Checklist for Nonprofit Operations Management.

The panelist included:

Thank you.


Growth Theory: A Celebration of Women in Business

In celebration of Women’s History Month and in partnership with M&T Bank,  MBA Growth Partners will be celebrating the one year anniversary of Growth Theory. Join us as we host “Growth Theory: A Celebration of Women in Business”, on March 31st from 11:30-1:00PM.

Our session will comprise of 4 CEOs as they discuss their business growth journeys and the manifold challenges faced in starting, running, and growing businesses. We will also explore what fuels organizational success, how do you access the drive to keep going, what unique challenges and triumphs are faced by women CEOs, and what systems and resources can be leveraged to foster business growth.

Women In Cannabis

Our session will comprise 4 leading women in the cannabis space as they discuss the  joys, trials, and tribulations of forging one’s way as a woman into the nascent, growing, and dynamic cannabis industry. The highlight includes:

  • Discussion on various opportunities for women’s participation in the industry.

  • The need for women leadership that can expertly target the female demographic and corresponding psychographic.

  • Discussion on policies needed to attract and support women into the cannabis economy.

  • Learning how to navigate male-dominated capital markets when seeking funding.

Our Panelists:

Growth Theory: Visioning and Business Essentials for 2022

On January 27th in partnership with M&T Bank, we discussed how to get clear on your focus, align your resources, and maximize impact. 
Creating ambitious business goals can be daunting, especially when it comes time to execute on those goals. There’s a lot to juggle, but the best way to create and achieve your goals is to take it one day at a time. It is possible to gain confidence in your ability to strategize and consistently drive results within your organization this year. To assist, we’ve curated a list of core business essentials, along with a checklist of activities, to focus on this year. Let’s get started on having our best year yet!

Key Takeaways:

  • Getting unstuck from your familiar routine to move your organization forward
  • Tools, resources, and strategies to address your people needs
  • Technology toolkit to leverage for operational efficiencies & growth
  • Tips and tricks for finally getting on board with the digital marketing revolution
  • Managing your Business by the Numbers

Growth Theory: How to Start and Fund Your Cannabusiness 

In collaboration with Offit Kurman and G2 Insurance, we hosted Growth Theory: How to Start and Fund Your Cannabusiness! The session featured:

Hope Wiseman

CEO and Founder of cannabis dispensary Mary & Maine and the youngest black woman dispensary owner.

Kevin Goldberg:

Founder, President and General Counsel of Green Leaf Medical, LLC (aka gLeaf) until the merger with multi-state operator Columbia Care, inc. 

Liz Wald

Board of Director – Good Earth Organics, which provides a proprietary, premium, organic, potting soil optimized to improve plant performance and boost quality.

Panelists provided insights on what it takes to start, apply for licenses, seek funding for, and run a cannabis business. Panelists also touched upon various methods of funding including family, friends, and fools; crowdfunding; franchising; and venture capital.

Watch the recap video for insights and inspiration on how putting together a plan, putting together a team, making a pitch to investors, as well as:
  • Creating a clear mission, vision, and strategy for business sustainability and growth
  • Finding opportunities for women, minority, and veteran-owned enterprises
  • Being on top of regulatory peculiarities of the industry and staying compliant
  • Preparing and submitting a winning license application in your respective State.
  • Day-to-Day management of a cannabis dispensary and grow.
  • Preparing your company for an eventual exit.

Growth Theory: Breaking Barriers in Business

In collaboration with M&T Bank, we hosted “Growth Theory: Breaking Barriers in Business”.
Our panelists, 3 CEOs in various health industries in the region, discussed their experience of starting small, thinking big, pivoting, and overcoming the many obstacles that tried to get in their way.
  • Umu BenjaminMindview – Board Certified Adult Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with training in using a holistic and integrative approach.
  • Janice OmadekeThe Mentor Method – Founder of The Mentor Method, an enterprise platform helping companies keep and develop their diverse talent using the proven power of its nextgen mentorship software.
  • Adenike GbenleShalom Dental – General Dentist and Dentistry Practice Owner. She has overcome many challenges being a woman-owned and minority-owned business owner in Maryland!
You can now watch (or re-watch) the event to gain insights and inspiration on how to stay grounded in your mission while taking on the worthwhile adversities of entrepreneurship, as well as:
  • Creating a clear mission and vision for business sustainability and growth
  • Finding opportunities for women and minority-owned enterprises in your respective industry
  • Understanding and adapting your business to changes in the economy
  • Focusing on data and metrics that support growth

You can now watch (or re-watch) the event and hear from the experts on how to:


  • Differentiate yourself from other companies
  • Reflect on your business growth 
  • Transform imposter syndrome and pressure into motivation and confidence

Growth Theory: The Fundamentals and Perils of Growing Fast

In collaboration with the Small Business Administration and the Women’s Business Centers of Ohio, we hosted “Growth Theory: The Fundamentals and Perils of Growing Fast.”
Our panelists, 3 CEOs from Inc Magazine’s Fastest Growing Companies in the DMV, discussed their business growth journeys and shared their triumphs and tribulations, and much more.

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