Evolve: Process Management
that Transforms Your Company

Process Is Everything :

Everything that a human being engages in involves a process. That process can range from disorganized and ad hoc to established and documented with continuous improvements being made to it. For example, everyday you can wake up whenever you feel and decide whether you will brush your teeth or take a shower to everyday you wake up at 5 am you, take a shower, you meditate and exercise. All of it involves a process.

Process is everything we do. That is why when companies talk about having issues of finance, or of marketing, or in human resources, or even in general direction, MBAGP knows that what you have is a process problem. Companies dealing with any of the problems listed in the previous sentence will address it in one of two ways: either they analyze what the possible issues are and then make changes to their processes in a way that intended to resolve those issues, or they hire someone with leadership experience to come in and bring in new processes that the person has developed from their experience. MBA Growth Partners helps your company with the former, more affordable, method.

The MBA Growth Partners Difference:

MBA Growth Partner’s Evolve is a methodology that ensures 3 things: 

  1. That your processes are as efficient as possible – minimizing waste.
  2. That your processes are consistent – minimizing defects.
  3. That your processes take root in your organization so that process improvement is part of your company’s DNA.

How do we do it? The first thing we do is we analyze your current process state using a methodology developed for U.S. Defense Department. That methodology is known as Capabilities Maturity Model Integration or CMMI. With CMMI we identify the maturity of your companies processes and determine whether we need to create new processes or make changes to those processes.


Second, Evolve incorporates the best part of Lean and Six Sigma. Lean comes from Toyota Production System, and it seeks to minimize waste. Six Sigma, originally developed at Motorola, seeks to minimize variation in order to reduce defects in the companies products. In statistics, sigma is a signal for standard deviation and a six sima process is one in which the 99.99966% of the products are free from defects, resulting in only 3.4 defects per million products produced.

However, what separates us from other process companies is our understanding of what it takes for new processes to take root and change the DNA of your company. Hence the name Evolve. We implement our methodology in a way that transforms your company into a new entity. The secret sauce our attention and the effort we put to creating buy-in from the leadership and acceptance from process



Users, and management in a way that creates new habits. We do these things through meticulous planning, creating business cases to obtain support from necessary stakeholders, and it involves ensuring creating a pre- and post-implementation process that ensures that the new habits are being formed.

We have provided process improvement for cannabis businesses; process improvement for hemp and CBD businesses; for non-profits; for tech-companies; and more. If you want to get to the next level, then it’s time for you to Evolve into an new and improved company.