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“We developed a tool for on-boarding new staff: A process mapping document to capture key roles, responsibilities, activities, and processes for the Program Director. Bola listened to our needs and brought excellent ideas to the table in terms of how to capture the information we needed. In fact, I modeled another onboarding tool for new staff after the one MBA-GP created for this project.”

Janine Tursini, Arts for The Aging

“Help us create an evaluation plan for the African American Entrepreneurship Institute and logic model for EIR program. 2-month engagement. The ability to be flexible during the time of COVID-19. Very flexible with schedule. Very professional. Also, all stakeholders felt very comfortable speaking to Mack. Don’t think other companies we looked at would have been as approachable.”

Jessika Lopez, Main Street Launch

"We began working with Bola and Mack last year after meeting Bola at a networking event where we instantly hit it off. When we started working with them, we were a new company with a great idea and service to offer, but we were lacking when it came to a business plan and direction. While we had clients, our sales funnel and our workflows needed a reboot. Bola and Mac sat down with us in our first meeting and had us re-evaluate what our focus as a company was, who our ideal clients were, and what our goal (both as a business and as individuals) was. Working with them helped us walk away from that meeting with a clearer, focused objective. Since that first meeting, we have used what MBA Growth Partners has taught us to land deals with many new clients, set a strategy for the next year and each quarter, and create connections we never would have thought possible when we started. If I were to sum up the work Bola and Mac have done for us in one word, that word would be essential. In a single sentence: the work Bola and Mac have done for us has helped us reach goals we never would have accomplished this early on by ourselves, and they've helped us nail down a strong direction and goal for our business where we previously had only a loose idea. The meetings we have had with MBA Growth Partners has been indispensable, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a personable, knowledgeable team that can help them re-focus and growth their business immensely."