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Business Infrastructure: Processes

When you hear the word infrastructure, the first thing that may come to mind is anything that has to do with physical structures. Business infrastructure has a definition close to this, but not necessarily the same idea. Business Infrastructure is the combination of a business design as well as the processes and tools related to that specific design. It represents the basic structures that define and build a business. There are several different forms of business infrastructure, and all of which are beneficial to business operations: Network Services Computing IT Services Business Services Energy and Power Management Facilities Transportation Services A key ingredient to developing an effective business infrastructure are the processes. Processes, alongside operations and employees are the three important factors that help make up your business infrastructure. These are more commonly known as a collection of tasks and activities that are set in order to satisfy business goals. Processes may include developing your business structure, a business plan, the budgets, finances, and more. Business processes in terms of workflow, data, systems, and employees all depend on your operational goals. They should be designed and customized solely for the benefit of your business. Nothing more, Nothing less. Depending on the different areas for your business, your processes may be different. For example, your processes for customer service may be completely different from your processes for sales. Processes are vital in that they ensure that you can maintain profitable and effective outcomes. Your business infrastructure plan should serve as a baseline for what it takes to keep your business operating. Incorporating strong business infrastructure processes into your day-to-say operations can boost your business in several ways:

The development of your business infrastructure processes could make or break the growth and development of your business. MBA Growth Partners can help you create and better understand different processes to help improve your Business Infrastructure. Please email us at to learn more about how MBA Growth Partners can help strengthen your business foundation.