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What is a Strategic Plan? Strategic Planning is an essential tool for any organization that wants to be successful. It ensures that resources are allocated in alignment with short- and long-term goals, and it bridges the gap between strategy and daily operations. By using Strategic Planning, we can ensure that our organization is moving in […]

Business Infrastructure: Processes

When you hear the word infrastructure, the first thing that may come to mind is anything related to physical structures. Business Infrastructure combines business design and the processes and tools associated with that design.

Sheer Force of Will Won’t Get You to the Next Level

If you’re a true entrepreneur, you have a vision and you are determined to realize that vision. You are positive, or at least you are optimistic about your chances. You’ve had to struggle through many hard times. You’ve emerged victorious many times when things seemed hopeless.  These victories have bolstered your confidence and seemingly confirmed […]

Redefining Success in a Post-pandemic World


As we transition into the post-pandemic era, it is important to overlook the ill effects the pandemic caused and focus on the lessons learned. One of the eye-openers was it gave business owners time to strategize. Entrepreneurs had time to dig deeper into what made them thrive, what parts of the ‘old normal’ they wanted […]

5 Things Business Leaders Should Start Doing Before 2022


The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on small businesses of all types around the world. No one was prepared for such a long and disruptive pandemic and the consequent lockdown. That said, the pandemic has taught us many lessons and that we can use to be more prepared for such unforeseen events in the future. […]

Why Capturing and Leveraging Business Data is Important


In today’s world, where most interactions and transactions happen digitally, it is essential to capture data and leverage it to your advantage. Data analytics can help you create a clear picture of various market dynamics that will allow you to make your practices more effective. You can understand your consumers better, improve their experience with […]

Mistakes To Avoid When Developing Marketing Campaigns

If you want to bring a service or product to the market, connect with your target audience, get people talking about your company, and make a profit, you will have to invest both time and effort into your marketing strategies. Both are essential to creating successful marketing campaigns to attract clientele to your products or […]

Planning a Cannabis Business in 2022? Here’s an Easy Guide

The cannabis industry is constantly growing, which creates exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to enter into the space. With some form of legalization in almost all 50 States , both local and multi-state operators are manufacturing and selling a wide variety of creative cannabis-based products. Given the growing acknowledgement of the therapeutic benefits, along with […]